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The Story

Buon Padre Pizza is all about the wonderful connection between food and family.


Abe and Lauren Casillas discovered Buon Padre Pizza in their neighborhood with their young daughter Aurora, who did not care for pizza from any place they had previously taken her to. Until… it was LOVE AT FIRST SLICE! Aurora absolutely loved Buon Padre’s pepperoni pizza! And so, it became a weekly routine for the Casillas to visit Buon Padre Pizza and enjoy a satisfyingly delicious family meal together. As regulars of Buon Padre Pizza, they came to be known by the staff and the owner. One evening while dining and speaking to the owner, Abe mentioned that if they ever wanted to expand by franchising, he and Lauren would be interested. In 2023, the opportunity arose to purchase the restaurant, so Abe and Lauren jumped at the opportunity to own their daughter’s favorite pizza place! 

The best thing about Abe and Lauren owning Buon Padre Pizza is that they REALLY know a lot about food! Abe and Lauren met in college while obtaining their degrees in horticulture, giving them the knowledge and skills to grow any type of plants, vegetables, fruits, and flowers – they know how to choose the freshest and most desirable foods and ingredients available. And with Abe’s previous experience of attending culinary school and managing a pizzeria, Buon Padre Pizza is the perfect place for you to experience their endless culinary creativity while making lasting memories with your friends and families! 

Buon Padre (meaning “Good Father” in Italian) is a true “Mom & Pop” pizzeria. The odds are, when you visit us you will interact directly with Abe or Lauren, and very likely you’ll get to meet Aurora! 

We are located in Chandler, AZ. at the NE corner of Pecos and McQueen roads, just behind the McDonalds. We look forward to meeting you soon!

Buon Padre Pizza is proud to set the
gold standard for Gourmet Pizza
in Chandler, AZ.